Mailing Lists archived? [Was: WWW Security mailing list ]

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 22 Jul 1994 16:19:23 +0200

In message <>, Chris Lilley, Computer Graphic
s Unit writes:
>These new mailing lists - are they archived anywhere? Good thing about www-tal
>is that you can look back for similar threads. Or find something that didn't
>interest you at the time, but does now.
>My concern is that these new lists are not archived so if, for example, I need
>to know about security issues in 3 months time, I cannot find out what has
>already been worked through. If new lists are being archived, please say where
>if not, please state that fact so that people who are marginally interested ca
>subscribe and stuff the trafic into a mailbox against the time they need it.

Yeah -- what he said. I try to keep up with a lot of this stuff in
real-time, but it's overwhelming, and I'd like to be able to go
back over the discussion in 6months or a year.

[When going back over the list, it helps if folks have edited the
subject lines appropriately when they change the subject, and
correct In-Reply-To:, References:, headers are nice, not to
mention From: or Reply-To:, and Content-Type:. Some mailing list
software seems to munge these beyond recognition. ]