Thu, 28 Jul 1994 01:02:59 +0200

Recently I posted in one of the www NetNews groups a RFS (Request For Status
:-) on some stuff I had read about collaborative computing features such as
check-in and check-out being considered for integration into the WWW
architecture. Some responses I received indicated that these are/were under
consideration for the next generation of HTTP, but current leaning is to NOT
include them, and that this new HTTP spec was being discussed here.

We are already using Mosaic/WWW to provide access to internal information and
documentation. It would be nice to be able to use the SAME interface for
actual retrieval, annotation/updating, and depositing of documentation, as one
might do in a development project. So, I'd like to cast a vote in favor of
considering keeping these around.

I understand there may be technical reasons why this is difficult,
philosophical reasons why it shouldn't be done, and it is probably an issue of
priority (I can't expect the good folks at CERN and NCSA to meet ALL my needs
for the amount of money I pay them :-). If anybody could point me at past
discussions of this topic, or summarize them (in private email is fine, I'll
summarize back to the list), I'd appreciate it. (Is this mail list in a WAIS
archive somewhere? I was hoping I'd get auto-mailed a FAQ with such info in it
when I subscribed to the list :-}

-Chris Rhode
Systems Analyst, Distributed Computer Systems Support
Lockheed Research Labs, Palo Alto, CA USA
(415) 424-2823