Re: Maintaining HTTP connections...

Michael A. Dolan (miked@CERF.NET)
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 03:51:50 +0200

At 01:11 AM 7/28/94 +0200, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>In message <>, Dave Jones writes:
>>John Ludeman <> writes:
>>>I was on a page the other day that had thirty or forty (small) embedded
>>On dealing with the icons issue: I always thought it would be nice if
>>browsers could deal with multi-image GIF files, making a pseudo-anchor
>>for each image. The browser would fetch 1 moderate sized GIF file
>>(.e.g. icons.gif) that contains several small images where you reference
>>each image by it's image number (e.g. <IMG SRC="icons.gif#3> would mean
>>the third image in icons.gif).
>Neat idea! I suggest a refinement to select a rectangle from an image:
> <IMG SRC="image-file#x,y,width,height">

Not to put words in anyone's mouth, but did Mr. Jones mean support for
the GIF 89a file format of multiple images per file ? Although I like Mr.
Connolly's area-based fragment idea, too......someday when httpd supports
fragment access in general.....

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