Re: Maintaining HTTP connections...

Jay Carlson (
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 04:04:55 +0200

> > Ok... so use xbm, or any other bitmap format. I don't care. The point
> > is that you can GET one image with a whole bunch of glyphs in it.
> Well - no!
> This is a general problem - how to distribute font info reliably.
> Postscript is one answer - except it isn't used by any rendering
> system except the NeXT. ATM fonts are ok - but X and most Macs
> don't deal. Fonts are a problem. PDF tries to deal with it, but
> isn't widespread (yet).

X11R6 includes Display PostScript.

BTW, what are the differences between ATM fonts and PostScript fonts?

Jay Carlson

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