Re: ***** Freehand .eps to .gif ??

Johan Vromans (
Mon, 8 Aug 1994 22:44:22 +0200

[Quoting Christopher Allen, on August 8 1994, 20:29, in "Re: ***** Freehand ."]
> The best I've found so far is a combination of Adobe Photoshop and a
> shareware program called epsConverter 1.0 (I just found it on America
> Online so I don't have a URL to an FTP source for it yet.)
> Basically epsConverter will convert any eps file (freehand, mac, pc, etc.)
> to an Illustrator 3.1 file, which Photoshop can import. Then change mode to
> indexed color (8-bit, system pallette) and save as a CompuServe GIF, and it
> will work great with WWW/Mosaic.

Goof grief!
I have a small perl program that uses GhostScript (with GIF driver) to
produve GIFs from EPS. If your GhostScript does not have a GIF driver
but can produce XPM, it uses Jef Pozkanser's PBMplus package to
produce the GIF.
All Unix, btw.

-- Johan