HTTP/1.0 based daemon. Should 0.9 be supported

Paul (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 10:40:24 +0200

Well I guess the subject says it all.

I have a daemon working fine appart from the fact that it occasionally
receives some HTTP 0.9 requests.

E.G. GET /?examples^M\n

Now since the daemon relies on HTTP/1.0 status codes (I assume... did
0.9 support 302 for example), should I:

a) try and provide basic support for HTTP 0.9 or
b) have the daemon send an error message to the effect that the client
is using an old version of HTTP which isnt supported.

Luckily either way wont take too long (since the URL parsing is done
using yacc - dont ask, I was told to do it that way), but Im wondering
which is the more correct response according to this group.


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