Re: Progress reporting in future HTTP

Reed Wade (
Thu, 11 Aug 1994 03:15:51 +0200

> wrote:
>In theory, you don't need message codes to handle languages. The
>browsers should be sending an "Accept-Language:" header and your
>server should be using that to determine what to write in the
>"Progress:" headers. And you don't need them in practice because
>you either ignore the issue (98% of the cases) or your server has
>already decided that the retrieval in question is part of the
>English, French, German or whatever part of the document space.

Not all servers can or should have to handle every potential
language. This is the client's job.

The other situation that needs handling is the case
where a human user isn't sitting at the other end but a program
that might want to make use of this information. Imagine trying
to write an automatic ftp script without the message codes that
ftp gives you.


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