Re: Colourful question

Mark Meaders (
Thu, 11 Aug 1994 03:40:15 +0200

Speaking of VMS... is there either client or server WWW software for VAX
machines running VMS? how about Ultrix? We just got a VAX Station 3000
and an older (Non-Alpha) Vax Station 5000 for free and are trying to
figure out what to do with them :-).

Mark Meaders
Director, IRM
Defense Visual Information School
Ft Meade, Maryland

On Wed, 10 Aug 1994, Frans Stekelenburg wrote:

> Not really the best place maybe, but since WWW gets more colourful everyday and
> we plan to use it for our own pages...
> I'm looking for a UNIX (or VMS) tool to convert .PIF-pictures to .GIF (or .eps)
> A Unix tool is prefered.