Re: error url

Frans van Hoesel (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 01:21:24 +0200

> I tweaked NCSA HTTPD 1.3 to support an "ErrorDocument" configuration
> directive that maps error codes to virtual paths, e.g.
> ErrorDocument 404 /help/404.html
> means that the document returned with a "Not Found" server response is
> determined by "/help/404.html". The HTTP response line is not affected.
I don't think this is what I wanted. and it isn't as usefull eighter;
(I didn't look very good at your code, but I think that the server
return help/404.html instead of the standard error message.

So this is all taken care of by the server and it is *not* described
by the document. I really want the brwoser to support it, and it seems
the only way, because the server may time out on a link, may not
be reachable, or whatever, and cannot handle the request at all.

Note that I don't want semi fixed html pages replacing the standard errors
I want flexible replacements as in
<a href="trythis.url" err="">
where the error url could be some friendly document I created, or could
be an alternative site , or whatever I like.

This way I can create context sensitive errormsg's in case something goes wrong