Re: error url

Goran Oberg (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 10:44:43 +0200

> or perhaps even differently for each link:
> <http://normal.url/ err="http://alternative/">
> simple elegant and very usefull.
> -frans

If this is a good idea, to extend the syntax associated with HREF, that is.
Then the most generic approach would be to let the HREF-attribute be the
first choice and then let HREF2, HREF3 and so on be the subsequent choices if
the first failed. Wouldn't it?

A possible approach to select further alternatives if the value of HREF is
unreachable is to let any attribute of the form /HREF[0-9]+/ be used later.
Preferably in numerical sorted order.

An important question is when these alternatives should be used. After a
timeout? After a timeout and certain status-codes? If the accessed data is
unusable in some sense?

Furthermore, is it at all allowed in SGML to have "generic" attributes like

Nothing but questions but maybe some of them is good for the discussion.


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