Re: error url

Rick Troth (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 19:25:55 +0200

> > ErrorDocument 404 /help/404.html
> > ...

> I don't think this is what I wanted. and it isn't as usefull eighter;
> ...
> So this is all taken care of by the server and it is *not* described
> by the document. I really want the brwoser to support it, and it seems
> the only way, because the server may time out on a link, may not
> be reachable, or whatever, and cannot handle the request at all.

Good point. But I like Jay's idea. Let me suggest that
the server providing "help" files be available for clients that don't
have as much savvy. I agree that the help files should be local,
not only for the server-failure case you cite, but also because
I don't personally want to have to supply a plethora of languages
from my server. Let the client handle 9-out-of-10 cases.

Servers, though, might still serve out help files.
I was going to suggest /htlib instead of /help. Not sure where
everyone is putting their GIFs. Some, I'm sure, are just hoping
that the client is Mosaic with it's built-ins. So ... /htlib would
be a repository of, not only help files and error messages, but also
icons for in-lines for HTML that the server generates on-the-fly.

> -frans

Rick Troth <>, Rice University, Information Systems