Re: Pizza Hut & Mosaic

Charles Ashley (
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 13:21:20 +0200

>On Thu, 25 Aug 1994, Ian Kluft wrote:
>> BTW, I actually heard CBS radio news try to spell out the URL. They forgot
>> to say the second slash after the "http:". The SF Examiner had the same
>> error online on their WWW server but they corrected it when I pointed it out
>> to them. BTW, I first heard about it from CNN.

>> It really looks like the media went hog wild over this one. I've never
>> or seen a URL on mass media before!

>It's particularly amazing considering they're only delivering in the

>Santa Cruz area currently....

> Brian

Right, but I just got a press release from SCO on my desk this morning (paper,
note), which claims that "Pizza Hut launched the PizzaNet pilot in the Santa
Cruz are and are using it to study the feasibility of expanding the programme
to other cities in the US and around the world."

The press release goes on to talk about SCO Global Access product which
incorporates Mosaic and "custom PizzaNet software."

Is anybody here involved in this?