User personal pages.

Ray W. Hiltbrand (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 19:47:16 +0200


I maintain Auburn University College of Engineering www server. I am looking
solutions to handle allowing users have personal "home" pages. Right I
have it set-up to use the ~ expansion option. But in the future I can
see this is being a problem as more and more of our users develop pages. The
problem I see with this is the ~ expansion automounts the home directory of
the user thus it is possible to have all the home dir servers mounted.

I am interested in hearing any other ideas on how to allow users
personal pages without the pages being in the home dirs.

If you do not use the ~ expansion what kind of limitation do you put on
the users if any.

Thanks for the info/insight.

Ray W. Hiltbrand

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