Third-party browser enhancements?

Nick Arnett (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 20:00:17 +0200

At 7:14 AM 9/1/94 +0200, Ryan Grant wrote:

>I think accessability is a valid concern, but NCSA has not donated the
>Mosaic code to the public domain. I'm not going to argue how involved
>you have a right to be just because it's partially federally funded.
>I will say that managing bugs in donated code is not appealing, and this
>is a consideration. There may be other ways to get involved, including
>developing applet programs (via interprocess communication), and
>demonstrating your ideas without needing to build them into a browser.

Can you provide some clear indication of where you are headed in this
regard? There would seem to be several potential strategies for
integrating third-party executables -- PPC, as you mention, client CGI
(CCI) or some sort of plug-in scheme.


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