Re: Forms support in clients

Nick Arnett (
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 03:53:30 +0100

At 7:38 AM 9/25/94 +0100, Christian L. Mogensen wrote:

>No - he wants documents that can be more like programs. basically he
>wants to display the form, have the user fill in what doc he
>would like (as an example) and then have the browser do a text
>substitution on the ACTION part before performing the GET.

There's been some talk around here, as I vaguely recall, about TCL for this
sort of thing. Any thoughts, anyone, on the idea of letting TCL swallow up
HTML, so that we have a real UI language that contains a real hypertext
language, instead of trying to built a UI language out of a hypertext
language? (Which just ain't gonna happen, I suspect...)