Re: Forms support in clients

Karl Auerbach (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 05:12:52 +0100

> I'm not convinced that this is as model-breaking as you think:


> > Some mechanism, not yet existing, would have
> > to be invented to let the watcher tell my viewer that something new
> > and interesting (as defined by my script) is out there.
> What do you mean by "my viewer"? If, for example, you're willing to be
> notified by email, the watcher can simply send you an active email (e.g.
> Safe-Tcl) message that points you in the right direction....

"Viewer" == Mosaic++, ...etc

I want to get a response that is in such a form that an integrated
intelligent viewer can give a homogeneous interface to the user.

I would expect that using e-mail would be difficult to smoothly
integrate and probably a pain to administer. Rather, I would want a
more unified and consistent exhange mechanism, so that, for example,
only one TCP connection need be used.

I'm rather opposed to building world-wide mechanisms using the
duct-tape-and-bailing wire mechanisms found in e-mail, particularly
Un*x based e-mail.

(Of course, who am I to complain, considering I've been promoting IP
over e-mail [and punched paper tape] for years.)