I Apologize

Richard Huddleston (reh@wam.umd.edu)
Sun, 2 Oct 1994 20:53:35 +0100

I recently posted an offer to help rewrite the NCSA httpd if anyone was
interested in collaborating on such a project.

The beginning of my posting was carelessly written, and unintentionally
offended several principles in the Web community.

It has been brought to my attention that sections of a second posting
of mine, in response to one from mcom.com, also might have been written
in a way to make my point clearer. My point was not that I'm a wizard
programmer and the NCSA httpd team is not, nor was my point that I'm a
genius because I'm pursuing two degrees concurrently. My point *was*
that I'm not new to programming, nor am I unfamiliar with working under
multiple and sometimes conflicting deadlines. Just like everybody else.

While I can't unsay what has been said, I certainly regret the hard
feelings my words may have caused. I'd like to take responsibility for my
inappropriate choice of words, and apologize for any harm done by them.

I'd like to thank the folks who responded to my postings--both those
who were supportive, and those who were ...less than supportive. ;)

I'd also like to drop this matter now!


Richard Huddleston