Re: Collaborative Flaming

Marc Salomon (
Sun, 2 Oct 1994 20:38:00 +0100

|Actually I do not accept that public domain code has to be impossible
|to maintain or look awfull. You just have to rewrite it about three times
|and it starts to look ok.

But there's a lot more real work and challenge involved with breaking new
ground and implementing the ideas for the first time then in posting a snide
message to a news list, isn't there? People say that you get what you pay
for with free source code. But as a server-side developer who has had to hack
into the httpd to meet our needs (as well as the fettucineWAIS code), I have
had no problems navigating the code to the proper location to add my mods.
Indeed, we have got much more out of the NCSA httpd than we paid for.

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