Re: How can I create a WWW client ?

Henrik Frystyk (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 03:39:37 +0100


The Library of Common Code is not a bad choice :-) You can get
information on how to use it and what it contains at

Another thing that might help you is to see how the Line Mode Browser
is built on top of the Library. More information at

Good luck!

-- cheers --

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> I am trying to write a www browser, but need pointers to where to
> start and the material that I have to read. Some guys suggested getting
> WWWLibrary.tar.Z, but how can use that? Should I just browse through the
> source code?
> The browser I am trying to write is supposed to handel another language
> which is written Right->Left.
> Is there any source code for browsers where I can start, preferably
> on Windows?
> Are there any documentation on the subject?