Re: Putting the "World" back in WWW...

Richard L. Goerwitz (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 04:17:20 +0100

>We are currently using the standard X11 font distribution, MIT have free
>fonts for Korean, Chinese and Japanese. There are several Hebrew ones. I have
>metafont for hieroglyphs which I would like to have in X11 but the SeeTeX
>stuff will not compile on my machine.

Speaking of Hieroglyphs, this is one of those areas where Unicode just
isn't done yet. We could likewise argue for centuries over how to han-
dle the Sumerian-Akkadian-Assyrian-Babylonian script(s). There is sim-
ply no way that Unicode is ever going to be a complete solution. Be-
ing a philologist by training, I can only look with horror on the idea
of locking everyone into an internal Unicode representation scheme.

I've seen suggestions that seem to me as though they amount to this.
Am I misunderstanding? Phil, Dan, anyone else - ?

Richard Goerwitz