Re: Collaborative Flaming

Nick Arnett (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 04:53:44 +0100

At 2:12 PM 10/2/94 +0100, CyberWeb wrote:
> Let there be Lurkers
> and Talkers. The forum acts like a moderated list for Lurkers, and
> unmoderated for Talkers. Lurkers can graduate to Talkers by laying
> down a history of good posts to the forum

Let me get this straight -- one can only post articles to the group after
having posted some good articles to the group? You read Catch-22 twice,
I'm guessing... ;-)

> or by track record, e.g.
> being author of Mosaic, HTTPD, libwww, ...

Ah, the truth emerges. Does a HyperCard prototype count?

But somewhat more seriously, those of us in the agent business should
probably be investing more R&D into a new kind of automatic characterizing:
identification of advertisements, flames and other situationally
objectionable dreck. That way, you could set your own rules for who can
virtually post a flame, or ad, or whatever.

Old idea, new wrinkle.

Nick (I swear, I have never even looked at the NCSA code, even to scare

Nick Arnett
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