Re: <pre>

Dave Hollander (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 00:24:34 +0100

> > The logic seems back to front. Putting a <P> at the beginning of a
> > paragraph
> > (the </P> is optional and rarely used) marks a para without line breaks
> > eaxctly as in a word processor. The original use of <P> at the end to
> > break a para was probably more natural but bad sgml.
> Really? I thought the concensus was to encapsulate paragraphs in <P>,
> and that it *was* good SGML (and allowed things like <P ALIGN=CENTER>,
> which we really REALLY want).

>From an SGML perspective, <p>...</p> contains PCDATA which means line breaks
are not significant. They may exist but will be treated as just a space.
It is easy in SGML to state that the endtag is to omitted.

> > TEXTAREA fields should always word wrap exactly as a word processor, and
> > are aesthetically, and in human factors, exactly what a word processor
> > user would expect.
> What browser does this for you? None of the ones I've tested do, I don't
> think....

Indeed, the ones I use (x,mac) just use the line breaks in the content.

Has anyone been able to dump a large amount of text into a TEXTAREA
and have it show up right on WinMosaic? What are the standards for
this and when (if it does not now) will WinMosaic work right.

Dave Hollander