Re: WWW, Mosiac, and Access for People with Disabilities

Frans van Hoesel (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 01:07:06 +0100

you wrote,

> Just so you know, ISMAP is designed so that a server can generate a text
> menu for the image if the client asks for it (I designed it with this in
> mind). All the client has to do is request the URL without any mouse
> coordinates and the server should return a text menu of the different
> possible selections.
and so it does, for an exmaple of this try
There is an image that does exactly what it is supposed to do: work
as a clickable map, but produce a nice menu in case your browser
doesn't support ISMAP. (I should come up with a good ALT text for that
particular image though)

Unfortunalty NCSA's version of the daemon cannot handle this very well
(or something must have changed recently). The ISMAP handling program on
EXPO is a special purpose daemon which does detect browsers
incapable of ISMAP