Re: Problems with Location: URI and CGI

David Crossley (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 10:57:30 +0100

Yesterday I asked for help with a problem I was having with calling
consecutive CGI perl server scripts. I had one script that called
another using "Location: URI". This worked fine for short queries but
long queries got truncated at 256 char.

The problem is that the NCSA server truncates MIME headers to
MAX_STRING_LEN which defaults to 256. Rather than increasing the value
in httpd.h and recompiling the server I took the other approach of using
a better way to call the consecutive script.

I set the CGI environment variables SCRIPT_NAME, and QUERY_STRING and
called the next script using...
exec '/var1/httpd/cgi-bin/SFgate'

Works a dream. Thanks for your help.

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David Crossley - Geographic Information Systems Manager
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