Re: <pre>

Dave Raggett (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 13:04:12 +0100

Brian Behlendorf writes:

> It should be noted that people who use desktop publishing software heavily
> (Quark, Word, etc.) have it drilled into them to *never* put line breaks at
> the end of the sentences, only at the ends of paragraphs. Now, conceptually
> asking them to end their lines with a hard break and beginning and ending
> paragraphs in <P></P> might not sound too hard to us, but to them it's
> like asking them to use a Dvorak keyboard. This actually came up in the
> realization by people here that typing long strings into TEXTAREA fields
> without line breaks is aesthetically pretty ugly and contrary to what
> most people are used to.

This seems to me to be a browser issue. You should be able to switch word
wrap on/off for TEXTAREA fields via a preference setting. I will try and
remember to get this right for the W3O browser for HTML 3.0 I am developing
with CERN.

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