Re: File upload in HTML forms
Sat, 8 Oct 1994 05:17:27 +0100


Two weeks ago I posted a proposal for file upload. The small discussion that
followed concentrated on the encoding of the files: "multipart/partial",
"aggregate/mixed", and others were suggested. No responses disagreed with the
addition to the HTML specification. A few responses disagreed with some
aspects of the proposal, but none disagreed that file upload would be useful in
the WWW.

Larry Masinter has suggested a file upload BOF meeting at WWW Fall 94 in
Chicago. Please see proposal 16 in:

File upload would be extremely valuable to many WWW applications. See the
responses to the BOF meeting proposal for an example in the medical field.
Even the BOF article submission server above would benefit from file upload. I
hope it'll be possible to see a TYPE "file" added to the HTML INPUT tag and to
have browser support for this new type as soon as possible. (No changes to
HTTP required).

Thank you.

Ernesto Nebel