Re: File upload in HTML forms

Craig Milo Rogers (rogers@ISI.EDU)
Sat, 8 Oct 1994 06:23:10 +0100

>Larry Masinter has suggested a file upload BOF meeting at WWW Fall 94 in
>Chicago. Please see proposal 16 in:

I am very interested in this,a s one of the applications I'm
working on needs to upload files in the range of 20-200 Mbytes.

Unfortunately, proposal 16 is not visible at the moment. The
BOF page jumps from item 14 to 26:

14. Security in the Web BOF
Mary Ellen Zurko (

1. I'll be there...
David J. Bianco (
2. Another "Me too"
Thomas J. Cozzolino (
3. I am interested
chetan (@ctshp.celttaff/lee-newberg.html">Lee Newberg

1. MOO-Gopher background
Larry Masinter (
2. The University of Chicago's WWW/MOO client, Phoenix
Lee Newberg (

26. Bulk File Distribution (BFD) and LIFNs (Location Indep. File Names)
Reed Wade (
27. Access to the Web by Persons With Disability
Drew Browning (

This is as seen with Mosaic for X 2.04, byt I Vewied the Source
and the HTML jumped, too.

Craig Milo Rogers