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Daniel W. Connolly (connolly@hal.com)
Sat, 8 Oct 1994 20:09:12 +0100

In message <aabc47ae02021004a8f3@[]>, Mark Connolly writes:
>Is it possible, or will it become possible sometime, to represent
>non-alphabet characters such as the _guillemotleft_ and _guillemotright_
>that act as open and close quotes in some languages?

For this particular case, the answer is yes. In fact, for all characters
in ISO8859-1, the answer is yes. To see the ISO8859-1 character set,
if you're in an X shop, invoke:

xfd -fn '*-courier-medium-r-*-ISO8859-1'

You'll notice the little << and >> characters are at positions 171 and 187,
respectively. If you can convince you're editor to insert character
171 in the document (e.g. ctrl-q,2,5,3 in emacs), you're in business.
Otherwise, you can use the character reference markup:

guillemotleft: &#171;

Hmmm... yes: mosaic correctly handles this markup.

>(Sorry to post this to both www-talk and www-html, but I wasn't sure which
>list was more appropriate)

Well, in fact, www-html suffered something of administrative
catastrophe recently, and I'm not sure it has recovered. I haven't
seen a message from www-html in months.

By the way... how does one unsubscribe from www-announce?
I tried
echo "unsubscribe connolly@hal.com" \
| mail www-announce-request@info.cerh.ch

with no luck.