Peace, Love, and Understanding. Re: Netscape v NCSA, Progress?

Simon E Spero (
Tue, 18 Oct 1994 13:29:53 +0100

Things seem to be getting a little stressed out here- would everybody
like to sit down and work out what's getting people upset? Mosaic
Communications has released a new browser which supports some extra tags,
as well as the basic set. Nobody has to use those tags in their source
material; conversely, everybody is free to implement those extensions in
their own software if they thing they're a good idea.

Remember, the Internet is a glorious experiment - if we don't try new
things, we'll never find out if they work or not (I find blink to be
useless without being able to control the strobe rate). It's happened
before- NCSA added the IMG tag to the orignal HTML. People liked it, and
it spread.

If people don't adopt the new tags, then MCC has wasted several gallons
of programmer time which they could have spent on something else - if
people do adopt them, then the web is a better place.

This moment of global harmony was brought to you by MDMA - the server for
generation X


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