Re: Network Abuse by Netscape? -- Was: M

Thu, 27 Oct 1994 08:27:38 +0100

>From: RHB @ SMTP (Rich Brandwein) {}
>Date: Tuesday, October 25, 1994 12:55PM
>On Oct 22, 8:36pm, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
>> Just to clarify - the number of simultaneous TCP connections is
>> configurable at run time in Mozilla, the default being 5 I believe.
>And this is one of the fundamental problems with this package. We're
>getting people here setting this to 12 or 14 or more (or 100 for all I
>know - I wonder what the limit is!). It's definitely effecting our
>largest server, and I'm in the process of going through analysis of how
>bad it actually is coming out to be. Even at *2* it seems to be
>pretty devastating to our CERN proxy server, but we'll get some better
>stats soon. If anyone out there already has some definitive stats one way
>or the other on this issue, I'd also really appreciate it.

Are you saying that your proxy server barfs at 2 simultaneous connections?
If so, then you've got a bigger problem than NetScape....