Re: Structured text v. page descriptions (was Netscape, HTML, and Designers)

Paul Burchard (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 08:49:49 +0100 (Robert C. Pettengill) writes:
> A big source of the tension in the past was that HTML was the
> only way we had to do URIs (i.e. hypertext) on the WWW. Very
> shourtly we will have 3 choices that support hypertext in WWW:

Actually, at least five...

> PDF - for those who care the most about presentation (Is
> anyone working on a forms POST interface for PDF?)

> SGML - for those who care about content markup and user
> editing

> HTML - the general purpose compromise that has features
> for both the presentation crowd and the markup crowd and
> satisfies neither.
(...and also provides a cross-platform user interface language)

Hyper-TeX - for sophisticated presentation of mathematically
intensive text and graphics.

VRML - for 3-dimensional hypermedia (and eventually, distributed
virtual reality).

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