RE: WWW support for Cyrillic (and UNICODE)

Richard L. Goerwitz (
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 06:54:10 +0100

>Thanks for your reply. I agree, in general, with your estimate
>of the state of the art of this issue. I just want to point out a few
>things. First, Microsoft GUI (the 32-bit one) supports UNICODE,
>so does MS Visual C++. I know that this does not solve the problem
>for non-windows platforms. Second, EMWAC supports UNICODE in
>their release of HTTP server.

I've heard the Microsoft hoopla, but so far can't determine what it
is all about. From what I can tell, Microsoft is using Unicode ac-
cording to the old, internationalization/localization model. It is
not using Unicode as it should be used, namely as a multilingual en-
coding standard. Take a look at Apple's WorldScript for an example
of that.

If you have the specs on hand, tell me what the 32-bit GUI does with
characters in the Arabic and Hebrew code blocks, by the way. I am
not fishing for a particular response here, but I suspect that the
system is nonconformant in that it will recognize the codes, but yet
fail to show the behavior outlined in appendix A of the standard.

Richard Goerwitz