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Ramin Firoozye (
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 07:29:39 +0100

Tony Sanders writes:
> UDP is the **WRONG** solution. It will *NOT* work for HTTP-like protocols.
> There, now that we are on the same wavelength... :-)
> [ Much material edited... ]

Gosh I really ought to pepper more smiley faces all around (:-).
This topic has been beaten about sufficiently in this group.
I just lobbed it in as a wisecrack at the end of a message on an entirely
different topic.

Just for the record, UDP would work VERY well for HTTP-like protocols. However,
it's obviously a moot point to discuss it when so many servers and browsers
use TCP (and some browsers don't go through lib-www so it would be non-trivial
to switch). New protocols should, however, look into UDP.

I would be happy to engage in religious UDP vs. TCP discussions
off www-talk. (:-) There's enough traffic here already.


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