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Mon, 7 Nov 1994 11:56:51 +0100

At 1:21 am 5/11/94 +0100, wrote:
> I have a question. My school wants to purchase a unix
> system to use for ftp/www/etc servers and other things. I
> am ionterseted to know what the general consensus about
> which flavor of UNIX (UnixWare,SunOS,etc) would be best to
> run in terms of Stability/support/ease of use and secondly
> raw processing speed and power.

We use BSD/I running on 486 machines - initially because it was cheap, but
I've been really impressed with it. It'll run on a 386, on our 486/50s we
can run X with no trouble, as well as an httpd, and seem to get about
SPARC-2 performance. Compared with the same machines under Widows, it's
amazing. Runtime version costs about GBP 400, a CDROM with all the sources
is about GBP1000

Look at

Just a satisfied customer.

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