Re: Physical vs. Virtual Content - was Re: Frames & WWW

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Sun, 13 Nov 1994 15:41:31 +0100

> At 12:42 PM 11/11/94 +0100, Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit wrote:

>> I would also note that,
>> as has been said before, carrying over print media conventions (multi
>> columns, continued on page 88 column 3, etc) to online media is a mistake.
>> Print media have limitations with the size of a printed page, which is
>> typically too wide to have the text all in one column. This is not a problem
>> with online media.

> Assuming that your physical media content will translate easily to online
> media is as reasonable as assuming it would be a simple thing to "translate"
> a novel into a screenplay.

Indeed, I agree fully, although I fail to see more than a tangential
relationship to my original statement. Are you suggesting I said it was simple
to translate print media to online media?

On the contrary, I spoke of an additional complication; that is was unwise to
assume that the best way to lay out online media is exactly the same way as
print media.