Inline support for vector files

Stephen Trew (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 16:47:27 +0100

I ead Jodi Moline's paper from the 2nd WWW conference,

Inline Support for Vector Files: Engineering Dawings on the WWW

How was this paper received at the conference? This is an issue I would
like to see addressed. In the School of Geosciences at QUB we want to
provide maps and GIS information over the Web and support for an inline
vectro format is critical.

Jodi mentioned that DXF, the de facto standard, is being looked at but
hinted that it does not meet the needs for an inline vector format, and
SoftSource intent to create a new vector format meet the needs.

If you read this list Jodi (you did not give your email address) why does
the standard format, DXF, not meet the needs. Does the fact that many
current CAD, GIS and image pckages support DXF not mean we should push it as
the standard format?


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