Image quality on the web

Chris Dobbs (
Wed, 16 Nov 1994 17:14:58 +0100

A colleague of mine recently offered the following observation:

> [It was] discovered that Mosaic imposes a 50 color/image stipulation.
> So, if an image has more than 50 colors in it, the Mosaic
> browser reduces the number of colors to 50--it utilizes a
> median cut algorithm.

I believe he was referring to NCSA Mosaic, but I have yet to
confirm this.

My question to this list: Is this a widespread limitation of
web clients? Due to some shared source library which enforces it?

More generally, I would be interested in any reference material, specs,
or guidelines for the handling of image display in clients.

I would also be interested in any such material on image quality standards
for the web. My sense is that this does not exist. While there may be
agreed to standards for file format, the issue is larger that that. If
I get confirmation that this is relatively uncharted territory, I may
start an effort to address it.

The prevalence of imaging on the web is large and likely to grow. Given
all the attention paid to the quality of text display, it seems appropriate
that we should do the same for images.

Chris Dobbs
Imaging Systems Engineer
Eastman Kodak Research and Development

p.s. If I should address these questions to another list, please educate me.