Re: Image quality on the web

Tony Sanders (
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 02:20:59 +0100

In message <199411161523.AA06184@tap.pcd.Kodak.COM>, Chris Dobbs writes:
>> [It was] discovered that Mosaic imposes a 50 color/image stipulation.
"Daniel W. Connolly" writes:
> It is a widespread limitation of X clients. The X color model is, to
> be polite, inconvenient.
This has nothing to do with X, it's a hardware problem. If your hardware
has a 24-bit visual or supports multiple colormaps then X can take advantage
of that. But most cheap hardware only has a single 8-bit color map and
there isn't anything the software can do to work around that problem; you
must either limit your allocation if you want to share or allocate
and switch colormaps.