Re: Frames + WWW (2)

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 14:00:16 +0100

Mikhail Popov said:

> I've add some details and short examples about "frames" you can get it at

> <>

OK so you *did* want to slip in Cyrillic fonts. Doing this by referring to a
specific Adobe font is not a great idea. What if someone does not have that
font, but has a different font that would also do Cyrillic? What is the
behaviour in that situation?

Labelling a bunch of unintelligible ISO Latin-1 characters as having meaning
when rendered in a particular font designed for, say KOI-8 or ISO8858-9 (is it
9?) is not, IMHO, a good way to proceed.

I was also dismayed to see that, in your proposal, frame and subframe positions
are specified as x,y positions. In what - pixels? mm?

This seems to placxe a heavy reliance on particular browser widths or screen
resolutions, which is clearly undesirable.

The mock-up on the www.doc.html page did not really show your suggested use of
forms for advanced layout but I think that HTML 3 tables already do the sort of
intricate image / form / text layout that you suggest.