Re: HTTP built on a database engine

Daniel J. Kurys (
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 19:31:57 +0100

>>I'm hoping sooner or later database companies realize that httpd servers are
>>really just internet front-ends to public or private databases and start
>>bundling or selling httpd servers that sit directly on top of their
>>technology - not cgi-bin gateways, but an integrated part of the database
>>itself. Anyone doing something like this for Sybase? I've got a
>>shopping list of server dream features that require this...

>I have to say that it sounds like you're making a bad assumption here --
>that a relational database is a good way to store text objects. Certainly
>Oracle is making that argument, but I don't believe it.

>It seems clear to me that information systems need aspects of each --
>relational databases and full-text engines. A database is good for fielded
>resource management, including traditional document management functions.

I have to agree with Nick. Last year I developed a gateway to a UniSQL
database, to which Verity's "Photo Search Demo" bears many similarities.
A prototype is usually running at:


Unfortunately, it lacked a full-text engine and the usefulness of
such a feature was quickly obvious. (Although several people have
been interested in buying the capability from us anyway.)

We are currently developing server technology that integrates database
and full-text engines for searching indexes of both local and remote
data. The current design DOES use Sybase. However, it is also cgi-based.
I would be interested in hearing more discussion of "server dream
features" that require a non-cgi approach. What did you have in mind?

Dan Kurys