Re: Frames & WWW

Terry Allen (
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 03:27:30 +0100

| From: (Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit)
| Subject: Re: Frames & WWW
| Gavin Nicol wrote:
| > Well HyTime is a different kettle of fish altogether... and serves a
| > different purpose to SGML.
| Pardon? I was under the impression that HyTime was a
| set of architectural forms
| for SGML that grey out of a desire to express musical notation
| in SGML. In which
| case it is hardly a different kettle of fish.
| If I am wrong in my understanding, I would welcome corrections.

HyTime is a different kettle of linking mechanisms from almost
anything proposed so far for use in HTML. You can have SGML without
HyTime, and HTML in fact employs a method of linking (URLs) that is
not HyTime conformant but (I think) much more flexible and easy
to use.

So HyTime is not at issue in this discussion of whether SGML is
any use at all for the description of HTML.


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