Re: POSTing images?!!?
Fri, 18 Nov 1994 03:51:12 +0100

>I've noticed an alarming thing about a large class of browsers:
>That they POST the requests for IMGs in the results of a POST method.
>You're going what does he mean? This is what I belive is
> A user enters a CGI script and does a POST to submit it.
> A resulting HTML document is returned, containing new
> icon images, which the browser does then _incorrectly_
> does a POST to retrive those images.

Hmm... I think you're right (I can see how this would have happened), however
with some restructuring in AIR Mosaic in the next release (coming soon), that
will no longer happen. Definitely a nasty bug, just not one that turns up to
often, I guess.

-Chris Wilson
AIR Mosaic Development Team

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