Re: Tragedy of the commons: more on multiple-connections

Thomas Maslen (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 19:30:34 +0100

> The extra bandwidth for this user is coming at the expense of other
> users-thus we have a classic instance of the tragedy of the commons.

Right. This sort of thing is one of the recurring themes on the
end2end-interest list; every now and then some bright spark announces
a shiny new protocol that outperforms TCP, and is gently reminded that
if everyone used it the results would be much worse than with modern
TCP implementations.

We _really_ don't want a repeat of the meltdown that originally prompted
Van Jacobson's work on TCP congestion avoidance. FHTTP, and also the HTTP
modifications proposed and analyzed in

seem to be headed in the right direction; multiple parallel TCP connections,
on the other hand, are pretty disturbing.

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