Netscape license

Rob Hartill (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 20:06:31 +0100

The latest Netscape browser license is a little worrying..
We interpret it as saying,

"You can use this browser for free at the moment, but we can stop you
using it at any time in the future."

The wording may have been similar in previous releases, but now they
are forcing the user to hit a button to "Agree" to these terms.

Are Netscape just covering their backs or do they intend to get
everyone addicted to Mozilla before they pull the rug from under us ?

I hope they're just covering their backs. If not their plans must be
to suffocate all the other browsers before announcing their prices; this
could backfire.. we've all seen how quickly the masses can abandon one ship
(NCSA Mosaic) in favour of a better AND free alternative.

Also, if a commercial version of Mozilla were to be released, then a lot
beta testing by the users would go unrewarded. They would have been using
us all as free bug finders and suggestion consultants.

Comments ?


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