Re: Netscape License

Makoto Ikeda (
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 11:42:52 +0100

On Thu, 24 Nov 1994, Alastair Aitken CLMS wrote:

> Marc ( wrote,
> >We're absolutely committed to giving 1.0 away for personal use.
> >Watch us.
> George Bush (US President) said:
> >Read my lips, no new taxes.
> Lovely product, thanks for the month's free trial. What's "personal use" -
> can I use it in the course of my work?
> Alastair.

My guess is that Netscape sans security will be freely available, and
that the interest generated among businesses in secure http transactions
(Netsite Commerce Server and Netscape Commerce Client?) will take up the
core of NComm's business. Am I far off Marc?