Re: Netscape License

Marc Andreessen (
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 12:18:26 +0100

At 5:44 AM 11/24/94, Makoto Ikeda (ISO-IPS) wrote:
>On Thu, 24 Nov 1994, Alastair Aitken CLMS wrote:
>> Marc ( wrote,
>> >We're absolutely committed to giving 1.0 away for personal use.
>> >Watch us.
>> George Bush (US President) said:
>> >Read my lips, no new taxes.
>> Lovely product, thanks for the month's free trial. What's "personal use" -
>> can I use it in the course of my work?
>> Alastair.
>My guess is that Netscape sans security will be freely available, and
>that the interest generated among businesses in secure http transactions
>(Netsite Commerce Server and Netscape Commerce Client?) will take up the
>core of NComm's business. Am I far off Marc?

Unfortunately, yes -- the freely available client will have security.
The only real question is whether it will have export-grade or US-only-grade
security, and that's purely a matter of US Government export law and policy
at this point.


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