Re: Netscape license

Jim Davis (
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 18:05:13 +0100

Argghh! Could we just drop this whole thread? It just keeps
returning, in one variant or another. The mail ranges from vile
slanders to well-intentioned advice, but none of it is appropriate.
This email list is www-talk not mcom-talk or talk.politics.mcom. We
should be talking about how to improve or replace HTTP, or how to get
more powerful interaction into HTML, or how to facilitate resource
discovery, or how to do shared annotation, but not about the business
model of MCom.

Fact is, they are set up to make a profit, and one would expect they
will make rational decisions about how to maximize that, while at the
same time considering (to some extent) what's good for the world at
large. But I doubt that the discussions here will affect what MCom
decides. It's just useless to use this forum to complain about or try
to affect MCom. It just wastes space and time. And for that matter,
if you want to worry about a corporate giant on the web, consider
Microsoft. But please, not here.

If there were a FAQ for this list, I would add:

Q1) Should I complain about Netscape's license?

A: No.

with all best wishes

PS If you disagree, then please reply to me only, or just ignore me.
I am even less interested in a discussion of whether to discuss MCom
than in the discussion of MCom per se.

seriously, with all best wishes