Re: Map File Format general?

David Koblas (
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 18:44:35 +0100

> Is the map file format general or is it HTTP server type dependent?
> If it's general: why can't you specify a link to a specific section i a
> document (path/doc.htm#page4) in the map file?
> Are there any workarounds?

Typically the file format is 'imagemap' or 'htimage' dependant. But,
using HTTP/1.0 and a "good" IMAP backend there is no reason why you
shouldn't be able to say 'path/doc.html#page'.

Though most servers presently take 'Location:' headers and send you the
document rather than leaving it at that. If you run NCSA HTTPD there
are some straight forward things you can change to make it not
send the document but rather send just the reference and allow the browser
to refetch the document.