Re: HTTP built on a database engine

Nick Arnett (
Fri, 25 Nov 1994 20:07:23 +0100

At 5:13 AM 11/25/94, Larry Masinter wrote:

>These are all properties of general document management systems, some
>of which are built on database engines. However, rather than try to
>retrofit web servers into document management systems, building
>HTTP/web interfaces to any of the commercial document management
>systems (PC Docs, Soft Solutions, Documentum, Visual Recall, Saros
>Mezzanine, etc.) might be a simpler way to proceed.

I'm happy to point out that our search engine is OEMed by, and thus built
into PC Docs, Documentum, Saros and others. I'm not sure about the other
ones you mention here (I'm not in the office or I could look it up). This
means that the indexes built by those systems can be directly served by our
Web server.

I think this helps demonstrate that the combination of a relational
database and a full-text database is much more powerful than either one
alone. It also shows why our strategy of OEMing aggressively is making it
possible to use our various tools to tie together information from a number
of sources.