Re: Netscape License

Marc Andreessen (
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 15:17:59 +0100

>Of course, if the server features are available from other browsers also,
>then this is not a disadvantage. Is this part of the game plan?

The Netsite servers speak two protocols -- standard HTTP, and standard
HTTP plus SSL. SSL is freely available and implementable, has been
proposed to the relevant standards body (W3O), etc. We certainly
encourage other browsers to implement it -- see the URLs I sent out
earlier for more info. We'll fully support other/future industry
security standards as they emerge.


>Oh, and while we're at it, any other aspects of your business plan you'd
>like to share? :)
>Magnadata Internet Services
> shell and SLIP/PPP talk to us about how
>tel: (02) 264 7326 dial-up or dedicated your company can benefit
>fax: (02) 264 7308 private or commercial from access to the
>email: no time charges Internet

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